BMW EV Charging Cables

There is a large range of BMW electric cars now available, all requiring a BMW EV cable. With more BMW electric cars forecast to be released over the next 7 years with at least 12 of the vehicles being fully electric. At present they try to ensure that all BMW EV’s are just as practical as its petrol version equivalent. BMW have gone one step further and made recharging as convenient as possible by introducing the ChargeNow service with 5,000+ public charging stations. BMW have also produced a BMW i Wallbox that can be installed into your home and connected to the Type 2 BMW EV Cables to charge.
Each different BMW model has its own specification with different charging times and produces different mileage variances.
There are many charging points now available throughout the UK, making it more convenient for the BMW EV drivers to top up or fully charge their vehicles. Charging points now found at Supermarkets and car parks to name a few. For all up to date information on Charging Points please visit the National Charge Point Registry for more details.

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