Vauxhall EV Charging Cables

Vauxhall have manufactured a smooth, reliable running Electric Vehicle that will give you all the driving qualities you require with the reduced cost of running it.
You require a Type 1 Electric Vehicle Charging Cable to charge the current models. The Vauxhall is currently able to have an estimated 250 miles, but can add 30 minute fast charge and gain a 90 mile range. This in comparison to some more modern vehicles is very good and economically pleasing for drivers. Vauxhall have manufactured the latest model with the latest green technology, using the revolutionary E-Flex propulsion system, which is also referred to as Voltec technology, this proves that the future can still be stylish as well as practical for you. E-Flex is an electrically driven propulsion system that will be used in future small and mid sized vehicles.
You can now find charging stations throughout the UK, so no need to worry about running out of charge. You can find charging stations in car parks and shopping centres to mention a few. A fee is normally paid for the charging but you may find an occasional one that is free. For further details visit the National Charge Point Registry, for all up to date information.

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