Mitsubishi Charging Cables

The Mitsubishi Phev has been equipped with two powerful electric motors which will enable it to travel faster and work hard if required for example, when going up hills while still using ultra green electric power. Most hybrids have only a single electric motor, which then forces the car to shift into its internal combustion engine when it feels the pressure for example, when going up a hill. This makes the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV different as it can switch seamlessly between three drive modes, enabling it to get the best economical performance from its high efficiency petrol engine and its twin electric motors. Whilst the Mitsubishi Miev is the electric version of the Mitsubishi i.
All models of Mitsubishi requires a Type 1 to Type 2 electric vehicle cable to charge the battery. You can purchase Mitsubishi Charging Cables from EV Cable Shop.
There are many charging stations throughout the UK now which you will be able to use your Mitsubishi Charging Cable with, many can be found in shopping centres and car parks, with a fee to pay. You may come across a few that still do not charge and are free. For up to date information on all charging points it is advised to view the National Charge Point Registry for more information.

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