Type 1 to Type 2 Charging Cable
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Type 1 to Type 2 Charging Cable


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Type 1 to Type 2 Charging Cable

These Type 1 to Type 2 charging cables allows you to charge electric and PHEV vehicles that are manufactured by KiaPeugeotMitsubishiNissanRenaultFordToyotaVauxhallCitroen, and Chevrolet. These EV Cables will be used to connect an EV charging station to a type 1 vehicle.

  • 16 and  32amp charging cable
  • IP55 Rated
  • Type 1 to Type 2 connector
  • CE/TUV certificated
  • Free Delivery within the UK

Our Type 1 to Type 2 electric vehicle charging cables are available in 2 sizes: 5m and 10m cable these can be used at home and at public charging stations throughout the UK.

Product Description

Electric cars are great but, like petrol or diesel powered models, they need refuelling and in the same way, as a hose delivers petrol to a car’s tank so an EV charging cable delivers energy to the electric vehicle’s battery pack and for that, a plug-in source is needed. That’s why charging cables have connectors at either end. This can cause confusion with new adopters of the technology. Some cars have Type 1 to Type 2 connectors while others have Type 2 to Type 2 cable connectors.

Here at the EV Cable Shop we offer a wide variety of 16amp or 32amp  charging cables. We also provide 3 phase power cables for high capacity vehicles like the Tesla range. When buying either new or used electric cars prospective buyers should note that early production electric cars were fitted with a 3.6KW onboard charger as standard. They need a 16amp cable. More recent vehicles have 7KW onboard charge capability which requires a 32amp cable, for example. If in doubt, check out our model descriptions for the best fit.

All electric cars come supplied with a standard charging cable that can plug into a common household electrical outlet. Thus electric car charging at home using a domestic 3-pin socket is fine but slow (overnight) and it is recommended that for home use and for fast-charging public points and at commercial premises another cable is needed. That’s why we recommend carrying one of our latest charging cables on board and keep the standard cable at home.

Which Cars Require a Type 1 Charging Cable?

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Manufacturer and model Max Charge Speed Range Plug Type Full Charge with 3 Pin Full Charge with Charging Station
Chevrolet Bolt 7,4kW 383km Type 1 12h 8 h
Chevrolet Spark 3,3kW 132km Type 1 9h 5,67 h
Citroen C-Zero 3,7 kW 150 km Type 1 6,5 h 4,5 h
Citroën E-Berlingo Multispace 3,2 kW 170 km Type 1 10 h 7,5 h
Fisker Karma 3,7 kW 81 km Type 1 9 h 6 h
Ford C-Max Energi 3.7kW 33km Type 1 3,25 h 2 h
Ford Focus 3,7 |4,6 | 6,6 kW 225 km Type 1 15 h 8 | 7,5 | 5,5 h
Kia Soul 64kW 3,7 |4,6 | 6,6 kW 250 km Type 1 13 h 8,5 | 7,5 | 5 h
Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV 3,7 kW 50 km Type 1 6 h 5 h
Mitsubishi-I Miev 3,7 kW 160 km Type 1 7 h 6 h
Nissan  e-NV200 Combi Van 6.6kW 185km Type 1 19,5h 7h
Nissan Leaf (24 kWh) 3,3 | 4,6 | 6,6³ kW 199 km Type 1 11 h 7 | 5,5 | 4 h
Nissan Leaf (30 kWh) 3,3 | 4,6 | 6,6³ kW 250 km Type 1 13,5 h 9 | 7 | 5 h
Nissan NV200 SE Van 3,3 | 4,6 | 6,6³ kW 167 km Type 1 11 h 7 | 5,5 | 4 h
Peugeot iOn 3,7 kW 150 km Type 1 6,5 h 5 h
Renault Kangoo Phase1 3,6 kW 170 km Type 1 10 h 6.5 h
  • 500W Power
  • Long Length
  • Waterproof
  • Built Strong
  • Dust Proof
  • CE Compliant
  • UV Certified

Here at EV Cable Shop we offer free delivery on all orders. All orders will be delivered within 1-2 working days.

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Choose a Cable Type:

Type 1 to Type 2 Charging Cable

Choose a Cable Length:

5M, 10M

Choose a Rated Power (Charge Speed):

16amp (3.6kW), 32amp (7.2kW)

  1. MartinC

    I ordered 5m Type 1 to Type 2 Charging Cable for the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV and it makes perfect balance between flexibility and convenience when using public charging stations or a home charging point
    Package looks nice as well as the product. Good communication with the sales
    I am Satisfied,Good product for the price.Thank you for fast delivery

  2. Demian4

    I purchased this charger cable type 1 to type 2 based on the positive reviews on this page and its very good value for the money!
    This charging cable fits my Ford fusion energy perfectly.
    Arrived quickly, works beautifully, no problems

  3. Zac E

    The cable is incredibly high quality,
    excellent communication with the correct seller and very fast shipping ! I am very happy with this product. Thank you.
    Totally professional supplier,best service,thank you
    I use this Type 1 to Type 2 Charging Cable for my new NISSAN LEAF,Excellent all round and no problems with the plug,
    Thank you again,
    I will recommend to friends

  4. martin christopher

    I highly recommend this shop and their products.
    They offer only high quality for the price and nothing else,
    Plus you get fast delivery
    and correct service.
    Until now I am very pleased with it.
    I prefer it over my stock charging cable.
    Love the dual voltage option.

  5. Dolores

    The cable is surprisingly light, I ordered this type 1 to Type 2 Charging Cable and haven’t been disappointed yet.
    It has proven to withstand rain, snow and the polar vortex Very well made, The only you have to do is, take care of it so no damage comes to it.
    Highly recommend to all.

  6. Tim2567

    Works great!!!I’ve been using it every day for a
    few weeks now and it’s been snowed on, rained on and abused
    in a few different ways and hasn’t had any issues at all.
    It has been rocking and rolling great ever since!! Works on 1 ‘ll probably be buying this again.Has arrived quickly and I am satisfied with seller

  7. Leo

    My 15m type 1 charging cable was delivered the next working day. Product seems to work great with my charging station and car. Would recommend.

  8. Sucize

    10m Type 1 charging cable purchased, Amazing value and service from EV Cable Shop.

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