Range Rover Vogue Phev Charging Cable


Are you looking for Range Rover Vogue Phev Charging Cable? Do you want to charge your Range Rover Vogue Phev at maximum speed? Here at EV Cable Shop, we provide only the best cables for your electric vehicle. This charging cable is compatible with this vehicle, but is it won’t charge faster than the max charging capacity this car can handle which is 3.7kW. On a single charge the Range Rover Hybrid reached 30km, the 2018 version reaches improved range of 48km on a single charge, these facts are dependent on the speed, driving technique, weather etc. The recommended cable is:

  • Type 2 to Type 2 Plug
  • 3 Phase Fast
  • 32amp Charging Cable

This cable comes in 3 different sizes 3m, 5m and 10m length. All cables come with 1 years warranty, a free carry case and free delivery. So if you need any more questions please content the EV Cable Shop today.

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Additional information

Additional information


3M, 5M, 10M

Carry Case

Included Free


3 Years


CE, TUV and IP66 Rating



Flame Retardant


UV Resistant




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