BMW i3 Charging Cable

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Choose from a 5 or 10 meter long EV Charging Cable with a Type 2 to Type 2 suitable for the BMW i3 EV Cables.

  • IP66 Rated Cable
  • 1 Years Warranty
  • Free Carry Case
  • Free Delivery

This BMW i3 EV Cable has full compatibility with all UK and European standard charging points / sockets. it is approved and certified by TUV and CE and is completely weatherproof for long-life and durability. Also we offer it in 2 length sizes,  5 and 10 meters. This BMW i3 EV Cable can provide charging of upto 22 kw and is Type 2 to Type 2 cable which makes it suitable for all type 2 vehicles. We offer a 16amp and 32amp cables  which are all suitable for types of workplaces, public places and house as well. Also a rubber cover is delivered along for safety purposes. The charging cable won’t charge faster than the max. charging capacity your car can handle which is 7.4kW.

Type Capacity Time to charge Our recommendation
Type 2 – 1-Phase, 16A 3.7 kW 9h00m
Type 2 – 1 Phase, 32A 7.4 kW 4h30m Best Fit
Type 2 – 3-Phase, 32A 22 kW 4h30m
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The BMW i3 is the German brand’s answer to the EV question and it has proved to be a popular buy for urban use. By no means the cheapest electric car on the market it does nevertheless have a prestige badge and great build quality. Interestingly, the i3 is made from a mixture of lightweight aluminium for the chassis and carbon-fibre reinforced plastic for some structural parts and body panels. The cabin is roomy but boot space is small suggesting this car is really and urban runaround. The charging cable is a standard, slow charge version so it is worth considering the purchase of higher rated variants.


 BMW i3 Charging Cables FAQ

It is very futuristic. What is it like to drive?

With just the two pedals, accelerator and brake, the i3 can easily be driven in normal conditions using just the accelerator pedal. Lift the foot and retardation occurs during the regenerative braking process used to harvest energy under deceleration. It’s a balanced car with sharp, positive steering and is easy to drive.

Does it work as an EV?

Very much so. Built from the ground up as a proper EV and with zero emissions the owner will be welcome in our towns and cities. In normal driving the i3 should manage 100 miles + on a full charge. There’s no battery longevity worries as BMW guarantee the battery pack for eight years. Truly green.

What about charging?

A BMW wall box is available ideal for home charging. It makes sense to buy an additional charging cable for home use, the other staying in the car. The supplied cable is for standard slow charging so an upgrade to a 32A version might be a plan.

It’s not perfect though is it?

There really isn’t a lot to worry about, although it is expensive to buy new. Being electric the running gear is simplified so that should cut down on mechanical issues. Otherwise owners report the occasional sort of niggle that many cars experience over time.

Does the BMW I3 Charging Cable word in the rain?

The answer to this is Yes, the BMW I3 charging cable will work in the rain no problems, it is IP65 rated which means it is dust tight and protected from water. We do not recommend leaving the BMW I3 cable in water as it might reduce the life span of the cable we would also recommend keeping the BMW I3 charging cable connectors away from water as these are made of metal and will damage the cable, so the safest place to store the cable is under a carport or in a garage, if you do not have either of these facilities we would recommend once you have finished charging your BMW I3, is to store your cable inside until you are due to use you cable again, this will also protect your cable from being stolen.

How often do i need to charge BMW I3?

Depending on which version of the BMW i3 you own you will need to charge the car every 81-115km, so its depending how many miles you do per day. If your work is only a couple of miles away, you would only need to charge your BMW i3 once per week but if you are driving 50 miles a day you will need to charge your car everyday. This is not too bad if you have a charging station at home and at work, you can take your Type 2 to Type 2 charging cable with you and charge your car at both ends of the journey.

Can i charge BMW i3 in the rain?
how often do i need to charge BMW i3?
Additional information

Additional information


5M, 8M, 10M

Rated power

16amp – Recommend, 32amp, 32amp (3 Phase)

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2 reviews for BMW i3 Charging Cable

  1. martine

    worked a treat on my BMW i3…fast delivery,good quality!

  2. Eliot Amber

    I bought BMW i3 Charging Cable from here and the same with lenght 5m offer a perfect balance between flexibility and convenience when using public charging stations or a home charging point! I am one of our satisfied customers,
    _ Excellent seller,fast delivery, You wont mistake!

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