Kia EV Charging Cables

Kia have announced by 2020 they will increase to 11 models of Kia’s green cars. They made changing to make it as simple as possible to charge, all you need to do is slide the cover on the radiator grille open and connect a standard AC charging cable Type 1 or Type 2 which are currently required to charge a Kia Electric Vehicles. They have fuel stretching EcoDynamics technology in their eco friendly range which will help to reduce your carbon footprint and help save up to 12% more fuel. The engine will cut off whenever the car is stationary, and when you press the clutch your vehicle will start up again in an instant. Kia’s quote “More Style, Less Emissions” is what they offer. All the Kia models get a seven year warranty, which is also given to the battery powered vehicles and this will reassure all owners of the electric vehicle.
There are charging points at many shopping centres and car parks at present throughout the UK. You will have to pay for this in most places but you may find the occasional one that is free. To find out all the up to date information on charging points visit the National Charge Point Registry for more details.

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