Toyota EV Charging Cables

Toyota have now got a selection of electric vehicles, that are charged using either a Type 1 Charging Cable or a Type 2 Charging Cable. They have produced the hybrid vehicle and an electric vehicle, but there is a big difference between the hybrid vehicle that has two engines one being an electric engine and a conventional fuel powered engine, but an electric vehicle has only one electric engine. Both vehicles have an electric engine and a rechargeable battery under the bonnet. You will need to make sure that you charge the electric vehicle up before you use it, by plugging it into a charger. The hybrid electric vehicle, that Toyota have perfected uses its electric motor to drive around at low speeds when in towns and villages, and when power is needed it will switch into its second conventional fuel motor, so that driving at higher speeds on motorways your car has more power.
The electric vehicle charging points are now located throughout the UK. You can find them in car parks and shopping centres to name just a few places. You are normally pay for the charging but there are some charging points that are free. For more information go to the National Charge Point Registry for up to date details.

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