Citroen EV Charging Cables

Citroen have created an all-electric drivetrain. Citroen electric cars are easy to handle in the town or city or through the countryside with its silent battery that can get to speeds of up to 130 km/h. No need to recharge if calling to the city with a range of 150km to 170km, this will depend on the model purchased, they can comfortably get you to your destination. You can charge on your journey with the kinetic energy conversion when decelerating and braking. This system makes it cleaner, simpler and more economical. as you know there are charging points available throughout the UK.
The Citroen electric car range comes with a battery warranty that covers 8 years/100,000km. The current vehicles require a Type 1 electric vehicle cable that can be used at home points and charging points throughout the UK. There are many more charging points now appearing in shopping centres and car parks, normally with a fee. You may find some that are free but you can check all current up to date information from the National Charge Point Registry to find out more details.

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