Hyundai EV Charging Cables

Hyundai have now developed an Electric Vehicle which they quote “charges faster than a smartphone. They have ensured that each vehicle has been equipped with an advanced navigation system, which includes a ‘Charging Station’ category in its POI (Points Of Interest) menu. You are able to locate the nearest public charging station within the vicinity. You will need a Type 2 electric vehicle cable to charge your Hyundai electric vehicle. Hyundai recommend that all owners of their electric vehicles have a charging system at home. You can get 100% fully charged in approximately 4 and half hours, in the UK. Customers are able to get £500 (including VAT) of government support towards purchase and installation of a POD Point that is Hyundai’s preferred partner for domestic charge points.
You are now able to top up or recharge your electric vehicle fully at the many UK charging points now available. You can find these in car parks and shopping centres. Most of these charging points you will need to pay for the battery charging, but in some places you may find these are free. For further details check the National Charge Point Registry for up to date details.

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