FordĀ EV Charging Cables

Ford currently have a small number of Hybrd Electric Vehicles, but they ensure that you get a highly efficient and powerful petrol engine for longer journeys, but with the smart technology it is capable of switching to electric. Ford have Regenerative Braking which is an ingenious technology that captures the energy that you lose through friction braking which can be up to 90%, this is then recycled to recharge the battery. You will receive maximum energy efficiency whenever you are on the road.
The Ford Hybrids use the Type 1 electric vehicle cable to recharge the battery. You can now find charging points throughout the UK to make charging more convenient whilst out and about, if its just a top up or a full charge. They are now located in shopping centres and car parks to mention a few, there will be a fee to pay but you may find some charging points that are free , you can check this online at the National Charge Point Registry.

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