Mercedes EV Charging Cables

Mercedes have unveiled it has a new product brand for electric mobility. EQ the name that stands for ‘Electric Intelligence’. The EQ offers a comprehensive electric mobility ecosystem of services, technologies, products and innovations.
The current Mercedes Benz offers a suitable charging infrastructure for electric cars, which is a charging station for the home which is a fast charging wallbox. You will need the Type 2 electric vehicle charging cable for the Mercedes EV’s. Mercedes have a free app “Charge&Pay” for convenient recharging at public charging points, also available for home owners and businesses. They provide energy storage units for power generated by solar systems or photovoltaic. In the future all these services and products will be bundled under the EQ.
You can charge your electric vehicle at many car parks and shopping centres throughout the UK. It maybe just a top up charge or a full charge that you require, this will normally cost you, but in some places you may find free electric vehicle charging facilities. For up to date information on charging stations throughout the UK, visit the National Charge Point Registry for more details.

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