Smart Car EV Cables

The Smart Electric Vehicle is proud to state that “Zero driving emissions. Infinite possibilities”. They have now produce an electric vehicle that covers a range of up to 99 miles on a single charge, (for further details you will need to speak to a dealer). You will get the same convenience and enjoyment of a regular smart vehicle but with zero driving emissions. You are now able to get the full range of Smart Vehicles also in electric form. If you are concerned about your environment you are now doing your bit by driving around in an electric vehicle that are making our cities and countryside cleaner and a more pleasant place to live. You will get all the benefits of a reduced running charge, with all the smart electric drive models being in the Vehicle Excise Duty Band A, so you pay no road tax. With an added bonus of qualifying for the Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) car grant, with more savings in parking and congestion charges. The Smart Electric Vehicles use a Type 2 Charging Cable that are available in a variety of sizes.
You now have no need to worry about charging stations, as they are located throughout the UK, with some free stations and others you are having to pay for. To find more details check out the National Charge Point Registry, for the latest information.

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