Peugeot EV Charging Cables

Peugeot have developed a range of eco friendly hybrid and electric vehicles throughout their range. The Peugeot electric and hybrid electric vehicles have been produced for many years and are designed to provide you with an up to date design and technology with improved performance of normal vehicles. Peugeot have considered the impact on the environment and there are no CO2 emissions, which make them ideal to use get around local towns, cities and villages.
You are required to have Type 1 electrical vehicles cables to be able to charge your Peugeot.
The new iOn’s lithium-ion battery can store a lot more energy than the old NiCd battery from the 1990’s. You need to use the special 380V recharging stations for electric cars, which are now located throughout the UK, for either a top up which would take approx 15 minutes for half the battery capacity or longer for a full recharge. You will have to pay for this at charging stations, but you may come across free charging stations in some places. For more information on the charging points take a look at the National charge Point Registry, for up to date information.

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