Porsche Charging Cables

The Porsche Electric Vehicles are going to be able to charge at twice the speed of the Tesla, is an announcement made by Porsche.
Porsche are to supply each customer with a wall mounted charging dock, which will be included as part of the standard equipment.  Read More

It will be housed in a high end box designed by Porsche with Universal chargers (AC) with a charging cable. This will be a Type 2 electric vehicle charging cable. There are numerous options of cables for a number of different charging methods, especially necessary for the traveller. The charging cables and vehicle cables are interconnected by a plug connector with the control unit. These cables can be interchanged when necessary with ease and speed and safety. Porsche will offer a free standing charging pedestal assembly for use at work in the car park or for use at home in a safe and convenient location.
You can now locate a charging station in many locations around the UK, you can find them in car parks and shopping centres which are just a couple of places. There will be a charge at most charging points but on occasion you may find one free. For more up to date information of charging points visit the National Charge Point Registry for more details.  [/read more]

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