Tesla Cybertruck Charging Cable (To Be Launched in 2021)


This Electric Vehicle is a concept and was unveiled by Telsa on 22nd November 2019.  Th planned production of the pickup Truck will start in late 2021 for the US market.  The first planned deliveries for the UK will probably start in the first half of 2022. The development of the truck is still ongoing so we can probably expect changes to published information to change.  The chart below shows the spec charging times @ Nov 2019

Type Capacity Time to charge Our recommendation
Type 2 – 1-Phase, 16A 3.7 kW 63h45m Best Fit
Type 2 – 1 Phase, 32A 7.4 kW 32h00m
Type 2 – 3-Phase, 32A 22 kW 21h30m
Additional information

Additional information


5M, 10M

Rated power

16amp -, 32amp, 32amp (3 Phase) – Recommend

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