Renault EV Charging Cables

Renault have currently got a number of Electric Vehicles which use either a Type 1 EV Charging Cable or a Type 2 EV Charging Cable. Some Renault models can now get an estimate of your driving range by using their own simulator. Always bearing in mind if you go up hills more energy is consumed which would effect your driving range. But the other side is when going downhill you will recuperate energy. If you are a fast driver, you will notice that you use more energy to maintain a fast speed. But by adapting a more relaxed, gentle driving style and not accelerating hard and regenerative braking you will save energy. Unfortunately you are unable to control the weather conditions and batteries are less efficient in cold weather.
There are now more charging stations throughout the UK, so that the worry of trying to find a charging station is reducing. You can now find them in car parks and shopping centres to name a few places, you will normally incur a charge but on some occasions you may find some free charging stations around. For more information on Charging Points it is best to view the National Charge Point Registry, for more up to date details.

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