Mini Countryman EV Cables

Mini is always up for inventive and pioneering ideas, one of the best ways to use this expertise is to create a more sustainable driving solution. Just like the new Mini Countryman that is a Plug In Hybrid. It gives you the versatility of an SAV with unlimited mobility and an electric driving experience by combining an e-powertrain and a petrol engine. If you sit in the electric vehicle there are three major differences that you will see. 1) There is a yellow start-stop-button. 2) There is an eDrive toggle with which you can switch between the individual eDrive modes. 3) The eBoost gage next to the speedometer. These show the readinessof the e-engine as well as the boost capacity.
You will need a Type 2 Electric Vehicle Cable charging lead for the Mini Plug In Hybrid, which can be recharged in a short number of hours, then it gives you the green light to show its completely charged. You now have the convenience of many charging stations throughout the UK, so no need to worry about either topping up the battery or recharging it completely. You have a fee to pay for recharging, unless you find one of the few free charging stations still around. For more details visit the National Charge Point Registry, for more information.

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