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Looking for a Renault Zoe Charging Cable? The Renault Zoe can sometimes be purchased with a free Wall-Box for your home and can charge from 0-100% in 7 hours 30 minutes, provided you have a 32amp charging cable. EV Cable Shop provide 32mp EV charging cables for your Renault Zoe which requires a Type 2 to Type 2 connectors. They come in 3 different lengths, 3m, 5m and 10m cables and all 32amp.  This enables you to charge up at motorway service stations and in many UK charging points now available. With a full 1 year warranty and all our products are TUV and CE certified.

  • Three Phase Charging Cable (Charge Upto 22kw per Hour)
  • Type 2 to Type 2 Charging Cable
  • IP66 Rated Cable
  • 1 Years Warranty
  • Free Carry Case
  • Free Delivery
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Advantages of buying a Renault Zoe Vs electric Nissan Leaf?

Renault Zoe when compared with other EVs in the market, Nissan Leaf proves to be its biggest competitor but still, Zoe outshines Leaf in different specs and performance. Biggest edge that Renault Zoe has overall EVs including Nissan Leaf is its highest range; range of 250 miles by Renault Zoe on a single charge is extremely difficult to beat in the real-world and Nissan Leaf surely can’t do that with its range of 155 miles. New and improved 41 kWh battery of Renault Zoe is its other plus which enhances its performance and decreases the charging time, whereas the battery sizes offered by Nissan Leaf are 22kWh and 30kWh. Above all, Renault Zoe is a way more attractive vehicle with a fresh hatchback design as compared to dull outlook of Nissan Leaf.

How much does it cost to charge Renault Zoe?

Cost of charging Renault Zoe varies with the charging point; a wallbox installed at home will prove to be very cost effective in charging the car at domestic tariff, whereas public rapid charging points will cost more.

Charging Renault Zoe at home will cost approximately 3.1 p/mile and it will cost you almost £5.74 to fully charge your vehicle. Cost per kWh at home will be 14p for Renault Zoe whereas it will be 30p/kWh when charged through public charging stations. The public rapid charging points will cost around 5.3 p/mile and a full charge at the public station will cost you approximately £9.84.

How far can a Renault Zoe travel on a single charge?

Unlike other EVs, Renault Zoe offers the longest range in the market which is hard to beat. Initially, Renault Zoe came with a 22kWh lithium-ion battery pack but now it is also available with a 41 kWh battery. Range of this car on a single charge depends on its battery; Renault Zoe 22kWh offers a range between 210 km – 240 km (130 miles – 150 miles), whereas Renault Zoe 41kWh delivers the range of 400 km (250 miles).

What is the Renault Zoe top speed?

Top speed of Renault Zoe is 135 km/h (84 mph). Maximum torque of Renault Zoe is 220 N·m (162 lb-ft) that will make Zoe sprint from 0 – 30 mph in just 4 seconds.

How long does the Renault Zoe take to charge?

A Renault Zoe charging cable uses a type 2 connectors and it to fully charge Renault Zoe depends largely upon the charging point and it can take 1 – 15 hours to get a full charge.

  • It will take 13 – 15 hours to get a fully charged  withe 3 Pin Portable Renault Zoe Changing Cable if it’s charged using a standard three-pin plug (3kW) at home.
  • With fast 7kW charging point, Zoe will take almost 6 hours to get fully charged.
  • If connected with a fast 22kW charging point, Renault Zoe will have 100% battery in just 2 hours. If used with a 3 Phase Renault Zoe EV Charging Cable.
  • It will take just one hour to be fully charged from 0% when connected with the rapid 43kW charging station.

How many kWh to charge Renault Zoe?

Renault Zoe makes use of single-phase charge rate up to 43kW and requires Type 2 connector to charge. It can be charged at all sort of charge points, even at slow 3.7 kW domestic wallbox or at rapid 22kW & 43 kW public charging points.

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