Volkswagen EV Charging Cables

Volkswagen have a number of Electric Vehicles (Battery Electric Vehicles or BEV). They have made sure that it is still fun to drive with all its qualities being kept. They consist of an electric motor, with no combustion engine, so it will operate through a High Voltage battery which can be charged with either a normal 3 pin mains plug, a wall box charger or at the national public charging stations, it is worth noting that the fastest option is to use a direct current from a public charging station, this can offer regular and rapid charging through a selection of universal connections. You will require a Type 2 Electric Charging Cable to fit your Volkswagen vehicle.
You will not have to worry about running low on battery power because there are now a large number of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations which are located throughout the UK. You can top the power of your battery up or fully charge your battery, you will normally have to pay a fee for charging your battery, but you may locate a free charging point. For more information on the location of these Charging Points please refer to the National Charge Point Registry for up to date information.

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