Chevrolet EV Charging Cables

You are now able to purchase two different Electric Vehicles from Chevrolet, they both require different types of Chevrolet EV Cables. One requiring a Type 1 charger and the other requires a Type 2 charger. Chevrolet have introduced a new technology, Regen on Demand, this enables you to put energy back into your vehicles battery whilst you are still driving, Regen on demand allows you to do just this. Regan energy allows you to slow down without using your brake pedal whilst converting energy into electricity and transferring it back into the battery. Its just a a simple pull and hold of the region of the demand pedal whilst your left hand is still on the steering wheel, that simple action will help optimise the range of your battery. You must always use your brake pedal if and when you need to stop immediately.
Charging points are now available all around the UK, from Shopping Centres to Car Parks with a charge normally being made, but in some instances you will find free Charging points. For more up to date information please visit the National Charge Point Registry.

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