Charging Problems: Poor Signal, Broken Chargers, and Vandalism Plague UK Charging


The rapid rise of electric vehicles (EVs) in the UK highlights the growing importance of a reliable charging infrastructure. However, this burgeoning network faces significant challenges. Poor mobile phone signal, broken chargers, and vandalism are major issues that need urgent attention. 

Poor Mobile Signal at Charging Points

A recent report by the RAC Foundation reveals that 66.4% of Type-2 public chargers in the UK lack adequate phone signal coverage from all four major network providers: EE, O2, Three, and Vodafone. This inadequate coverage prevents drivers from reliably activating chargers, as many require mobile apps to initiate the charging process. 

Even in London, a city where one would expect near-perfect signal, only 39.7% of slow public chargers have sufficient coverage. The lack of reliable signal means drivers could face significant difficulties in topping up their car batteries at thousands of locations across the country​ (Car Dealer Magazine)​.

The implications are severe. Without a stable signal, the connection needed to unlock a charger’s electricity flow can fail, leaving drivers stranded. This issue is compounded in rural areas where network coverage is often patchy or non-existent. For EV drivers, this translates to a frustrating and potentially disruptive experience, undermining confidence in public charging infrastructure.

Broken Chargers: A Growing Concern

The issue of broken chargers is another major hurdle for EV owners. According to a Channel 4 Dispatches investigation, over 5.2% of the 26,000 public EV chargers they examined were found to be non-functional. This amounts to approximately 1,352 out-of-service chargers, a significant number given the current reliance on public infrastructure​ (Car Dealer Magazine)​.

Common problems with these chargers include broken connectors, network failures, payment software issues, and unresponsive touchscreens. These faults can leave drivers unable to charge their vehicles, often forcing them to travel considerable distances to find a working charger. Such experiences are not just inconvenient but can severely disrupt travel plans, particularly on long journeys.

Despite efforts by companies like bp pulse to improve reliability, many EV drivers report persistent issues. The RAC recently ranked BP Pulse 13th out of the available EV charging companies, reflecting ongoing customer dissatisfaction​ (Car Dealer Magazine)​.

Vandalism: A New Threat to Charging Infrastructure

Vandalism has emerged as a new threat to the UK’s EV charging network. Companies like InstaVolt and Osprey Charging have reported numerous incidents of cable theft and vandalism, particularly across the Midlands and Yorkshire. These actions not only render the chargers unusable but also result in substantial financial losses and operational disruptions​ (Car Dealer Magazine)​.

In response, charging station operators are implementing enhanced security measures. These include the installation of additional CCTV, security patrols, the use of SmartWater to tag property, and tracking devices to identify stolen cables. Despite these efforts, vandalism remains a significant challenge, deterring prospective EV drivers and impacting those already committed to electric vehicles.

Government and Industry Initiatives

The UK government and the EV industry are taking steps to address these issues. New regulations have been introduced to improve the reliability and user-friendliness of rapid chargers. For instance, all rapid chargers are now required to achieve 99% reliability on average and provide contactless payment options​ (Car Dealer Magazine)​.

There is also a push for reducing the VAT on public charging to 5% to make it more affordable, aligning it with home charging rates. This move is aimed at supporting EV owners who do not have access to home chargers and rely heavily on public infrastructure.

Experts advocate for better integration of mobile-to-car-to-charger systems to ensure seamless operation despite network shortcomings. Suggested solutions include the use of roaming SIM cards that can connect to the strongest available network at a charging site, and mast sharing between network operators to improve coverage.

Solutions and Support from EV Cable Shop

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Addressing the issues of poor signal, broken chargers, and vandalism is crucial for the continued growth and adoption of electric vehicles in the UK. While government and industry efforts are underway, companies like EV Cable Shop play a vital role in providing reliable products and support to EV drivers. By working together, we can build a robust and dependable charging infrastructure that supports the transition to a greener future.


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    Gavin Johnson is a dynamic entrepreneur and the visionary force behind EV Cable Shop. With a passion for environmental sustainability and automobiles, Gavin has created a brand in the market by providing high-quality, eco-friendly charging solutions for the growing electric vehicle (EV) landscape. His commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction has propelled EV Cable Shop to the forefront of the EV charging industry.

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