Wallbox Pulsar Plus Charging Station


 One especially useful feature is the Bluetooth connectivity which means all of the Pulsar features, including firmware updates, can be accessed remotely using a smartphone, especially with the ‘MyWallbox’ app. The firmware is especially designed to fully control and manage the charging process by simple user commands, of course owners in a hurry will always be able to just plug and charge.


This recently upgraded unit offers everything that our previous Pulsar model did but now with some extra features. Our Plus version features in addition a Power-Boost intelligence that balances charging and home energy use, that is to say all the other power use around the house, thus maximising power available to your vehicle at any given time. In addition the Pulsar Plus also includes DC leakage protection to ensure the installation is up to date with the latest safety standards. This is the Wallbox way and why we are leading the field in EV charging.



A revolution in electric vehicle charging systems, the Pulsar Plus domestic charging unit is the Wallbox brand’s best seller. For maximum convenience with minimum fuss the Pulsar is compact and economical in use, offering a full suite of technology. This brilliant unit is suitable for every plug-in vehicle, a real plus, with both Type 1 and Type 2 tethered connectors. Rated up to the maximum domestic charging power of 22 kW the Pulsar Plus is one of the quickest and smartest chargers available today. It is small yet very powerful, delivering charge quickly and intelligently, the user interface enabling the current to be adjusted from just 6 Amps up to the maximum of 32 Amps.

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