Wallbox Powerloop Charging Station

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The Powerloop bundle is a unique way to demonstrate the benefits of this technology because individual households and businesses can now have a role in managing electricity demand at a local level. Utilising a Wallbox charger, the bundle offers the tried and tested Nissan Leaf as part of a package that provides for the users vehicle needs while help to save money and gain from the benefits of ‘vehicle-to-grid’ technology. Find out more here:



The benefits of electric cars are clear. They save money, help keep dangerous emissions to a minimum and, best of all, they are great to drive. As charging becomes easier and faster it begs the question what else can our EV’s do for us? That’s why, here in the UK, we are beginning to see the value in ‘vehicle-to-grid’ science because, if you think about it, where renewable electricity generation is higher than demand and that electricity can’t be stored, it goes to waste. The idea then with this cutting edge technology is straightforward and works like this: V2G enabled battery chargers are designed to be bidirectional; this means they can either charge or discharge. While charging, the battery stores energy to use later. While the battery is discharging, the energy can be used at the point of connection (when you are driving) or in the electricity distribution network, and ultimately the electricity grid. In this way, not unlike the way surplus energy can be gleaned from home solar panels, there is potential to make some money from supplying energy back to the grid!

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