Wallbox Copper S Charging Station


Beautifully designed with clean lines, the Wallbox Copper S Charging Station is perfect for commercial and semi-public use in company car parks and other business premises. For convenience, the system, which does not offer a cable, instead has a universal socket, making the same charger installation suitable for both Type One and Type Two vehicle connectors. Access control is managed using radio frequency identification. The Copper Business has a smart appearance and is always connected to the ‘MyWallbox’ charging management platform, enabling multiple users to be monitored with the added benefit of multiple chargers which can be dynamically balanced against available power. This charger has the capability to use face recognition technology for user identification and has different ways to lock and unlock thus preventing unauthorised use.



Thanks also to the ‘MyWallbox’ web portal, information and management can be monitored in real time. Access to the portal is available from any device to get information about consumption, charging time, energy cost or your charger’s uploaded and active sessions. In this way managers can access regular reports on energy consumption, costs, active sessions, historical data and much more, whenever needed. The device can be configured remotely to adjust the charge current according to need and to lock and unlock the charger to avoid misuse.

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