Wallbox Copper C Charging Station


The Red Dot Product Design award is given every year to consumer products with exceptional design, Coming up against luxury consumer goods it might seem odd that an electric vehicle charger could share centre stage, yet among the 2019 Red Dot winners was the Copper, an EV charger designed by Wallbox. That’s how good the Wallbox system is.



Copper C introduces a technological revolution in vehicle charging. The system offers a sophisticated combination of technology, design, size and functionality to ensure optimal charging performance. This model is available with a built-in cable suitable for both Type 1 or Type 2 units. Created by Wallbox, Copper provides an innovative charging experience with natural interaction to be a class-leading, revolutionary charging system for both electric vehicles and plug-in-hybrids.

Approved WallBox Copper C Installation

Unique to Wallbox the system integrates face recognition, ensuring that only authorised people can use the charger plus gesture interaction technology that can be controlled by simple hand movements. Additionally via the cloud-based ‘MyWallbox’ platform users can monitor energy consumption, view charging history and schedule charging sessions. There is even have the option of configuring the Wallbox so that it charges at the most cost effective time of day. There’s a choice of colours too!

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