Wallbox Commander 2 Charging Station


The upgraded Commander 2 model has been strengthened by the addition of a Gorilla glass touchscreen. It also introduces phase balancing thereby ensuring that the electrical load on a given system be as balanced as possible on every phase. Commander 2 can be accessed with a simple user PIN or by a radio frequency identification card. With the benefit of a full colour screen, Type 1 and Type 2 tethered connection, and a powerful 22 kW rating, it is the ideal solution for shared parking areas and commercial locations.



The original Commander electric vehicle charger has been upgraded with new functionalities, better safety and improved integral strength. Commander 2 offers the ultimate in EV refuelling thanks to an improved advanced, intelligent charging system for plug-in vehicles, designed for semi-public and business charging locations. The new design incorporates a touch screen interface, multi user management, internal DC leakage protection and smart Power Sharing functionality. Three options are available to provide internet access to the charger: Ethernet, WiFi and 3G/4G. Users can set up to four charging schedules for when the energy supply is cheaper. Commander 2 will deliver a summary of activity and can identify different indicators to display information like total cost, total energy, total charging time and number of sessions. Review other smart home ev chargers here.


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