Things You Need With An Electric Car
Electric Car Maintenance

Things You Need With An Electric Car

There are great debates all over the internet about the cost of running and purchase price of Electric Car. It is in fact true that the purchasing price of an Electric Car is a bit costly than the normal car. But here’s what we don’t know; the running cost of an electric car is a lot cheaper than a normal car. Those people who wish to buy an electric car to save up on their daily consumption of fuel, first needs to run through the checklist of ‘Things You Need When You Buy an Electric Car’ to see if the essential for an electric car falls in their budget.

  1. Home-Charging Setup

Home-Charging Setup is important because not all electric cars are integrated with a back-up gas tank. According to research, more than 80% of electric car owners charge their cars at home. When you are purchasing a charging station for your electric vehicle make sure that the station is from a manufacturing company enlisted or recommended by the leading automobile manufacturers as it will ensure compatibility of your car with the charging station. It is also important that the manufacturer of the charging station facilitate the consumer for future upgrades, service or maintenance of the charging station.

  1. Electric Vehicle Supply Station (Equipment)

Most of the latest model EVs are advance enough to charge at home on a standard 120 volts, which is generally known as Level 1 charging. The EVs can also charge on 240 volts current, called Level 2 charging. If your EV has a small battery than it is under 10kWh it can be charged on Level 1 charging often. However if your electric car has large batteries than it will require a Level 2 charging.

Many automobile companies will recommend you their preferred manufacturer of Level 2 charging station but there are many companies that can provide you the charging station in your budget. A Level 2 charging station can range approximately £1000, but you can also avail OLEV grant up to £500.

  1. Charging Cables

While the DC-fast charging cars don’t require any extra charging lead except the one provided by the manufacturer. It is important to carry a Type 2 socket which is adopted for using Ioniq for old AC EVSEs. For the latest electric vehicle it is recommended that you carry a Type 2 charge socket and Type 2 socket lead, also a short Type 1 to Type 2 adaptor lead for charging from old Type 1 electric vehicle charging station.

  1. Replacement Batteries

Electric cars are called electric precisely because of the reason that they don’t run on regular fuel options like gas or petrol. They run on electricity, which is powered through batteries. Since the electric car uses batteries for generating power, it will eventually need a battery replacement. Most automobile company offer up to eight year warranty on the battery. However, the battery will cost you about £5000 to £25,000 if it needs to be replaced.

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