EV Cable Shop - Partners

EV Cable Shop – Partners

EV Cable Shop - Partners

Smart Home Charge, part of Response EPR Ltd, is an OLEV-approved installer of electric car chargers.

They help you compare and choose the ideal electric car charger to suit your vehicle, home, and budget, and then expertly install it using one of their experienced installers.

Smart Home Charge covers England, Scotland, and Wales with their own directly employed engineers.

Because they are OLEV-approved, their customers can receive £350 towards the cost of their charger and installation if eligible. 

Visit Smart Home Charge’s website or schedule a callback with one of their customer service members to start your EV journey.

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Debbie has been working in the EV industry for over 7 years and has always had a keen interest in both advancing technology and sustainability. She is an expert in the field and is always up to date with the latest releases and news.

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