The Family-Sized Electric SUV Is Here To Stay

Like herds of wildebeest sweeping majestically across the plain, the Sport Utility Vehicle has dominated the car scene for some considerable time and sales show no sign of abating. The entire population of the world must by now be fully aware of the continuing popularity of the SUV and there are good reasons why.

Not all such vehicles are the same though; some are two-wheel drive only and can be categorised as soft-roaders rather than off-roaders. If the intention is to drive on rougher terrain or on challenging road conditions then that is when all-wheel drive comes into its own, although most will prefer the perhaps more comfortable and luxurious ride found in family-sized cars today.

Ideal For Families

The larger Sport Utility Vehicles today make absolute sense for family motoring. They are spacious, practical and versatile and can take everything the average family with children can throw at them. Luggage space is ample and modern roof boxes are useful; now though there is another benefit to be gained from this type of car: Electric power.

This year has seen the roll-out of larger, solely electric-powered, SUV’s, previously the domain of the hybrid engine, and they have been greeted with warm approval. Without question, they have been shown to be fine cars. Thus 2020 will be the year when the fully electric SUV finally comes into its own. With improved range and a burgeoning charging infrastructure, there are no longer any drawbacks to EV family motoring.

No Change For Charging

These big EV’s are exactly the same as their smaller counterparts and an overnight charge-up will easily provide enough power for everyday use. There is no difference to the size of the vehicle accommodation, the all-round ability and modern design means they are very easy on the eye. Home charging is as viable as ever and owners are encouraged to install a good quality wall charger; perhaps one that is universal and can be used if a change of vehicle is in the offing.

To aid family motoring on longer trips, a rapid charging cable is advised, suitable for the growing numbers of fast chargers being installed for public use. Holidays should not be a problem either as hotels and the like are beginning to see the need to provide charging facilities. What’s not to like?

As a taster of things to come in 2020 here are our favourite family SUV’s:

Audi e-tron

Audi Etron Charging CableWith a claimed range of approaching 250 miles the Audi e-tron might not exactly be a budget choice but in every other regard it is a true SUV. This car is built on a dedicated new electric car platform so is designed to do the job. The interior will be familiar to Audi drivers with large screens and the brand’s Virtual Cockpit. Other than the absence of a gear shift, because there is no transmission and no clutch to go wrong, the driver need just flick a switch to go forward or back.

The e-tron features a pair of electric motors, one for each axle for Quattro all-wheel drive, with combined output of 355hp, meaning that progress can be very swift when desired. For speed of charging, especially when out and about, it is best to buy the recommended Audi E-tron Charging Cable.

Jaguar i-Pace

Jaguar Ipace Charging CableThe formidable and bespoke i-Pace from the legendary British brand has an official range of nearly three hundred miles thanks to an almost fully aluminium construction for lighter weight; although, as with all EV’s, it depends how you drive them. That said, family motoring is not about driving fast so this very capable SUV will manage family trips with aplomb. Jaguar have pulled out all the stops with this car and it is unquestionable a true rival for Tesla’s throne.

Power comes from a mighty 90kWH lithium-ion battery driving twin electric motors, with one at each axle to provide permanent all-wheel drive. The battery, Jaguar say, is covered by an eight-year warranty and as this EV only requires a service every two years or 21,000 miles, money is saved and it is worth investing in the best charging cable for peace of mind. Find the perfect Jaguar iPace Charging Cable here.

Mercedes EQC

Mercedes EQC Charging CableDespite the rather clumsy name the EQC is everything that a new owner would hope for. Good to look at and with the brand’s 4Matic all-wheel drive system, this car is an impressive addition to the EV fleet. It’s quick too and it is on the open road that this electric Merc excels, making for superb refinement at all speeds. With tremendous pulling power overtaking is swiftly dealt with.

Forget range anxiety; Mercedes Benz are justifiably pleased with their very clear dashboard displays that shows the rate of consumption and remaining range. If you begin to worry you might run out, there’s a bespoke ‘Max Range’ mode, which switches the car’s parameters to be as efficient as possible. This SUV has an 80kWh battery that can be charged from 10-80% in around 40 minutes at an appropriate fast charger, but it can also draw power from a home wall box or domestic socket with a type 2 to 3 pin charging cable. You can buy a Mercedes-Benz EQC Charging Cable from EV Cable Shop online.

So there you have it: Three of the best electric SUV’s that money can buy. Add in a new rapid charging cable and a home-fitted wall charger and make the most of clean electric family motoring. They’ll thank you on the school run too!


  • Debbie Gillespie

    Debbie's journey in the EV (Electric Vehicle) industry spans over an impressive seven-year stretch, during which she has consistently demonstrated her passion and commitment to the fusion of cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly practices. What sets Debbie apart is not just her vast experience, but also her insatiable curiosity about the developments and innovations in the sector. Her dedication ensures she is invariably informed about the newest models, breakthroughs, and industry insights. Colleagues and peers often turn to her for guidance, valuing her comprehensive knowledge and objective perspective. Her enthusiasm for sustainability combined with her technical expertise makes her an invaluable asset in the EV landscape. Over the years, Debbie has attended numerous conferences, workshops, and seminars, further solidifying her status as a leading figure in the domain. Whether it's a discussion about the latest battery technology or debates on infrastructure challenges, Debbie is at the forefront, driving change and championing sustainability.

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