Keeping the EV Charging Cable Safe and Tidy

5 Inexpensive Ways to add up to your EV Charging Cable’s Life 

Electric vehicle (EV) charging is an essential aspect of EV ownership. Your charging cable is the lifeline of your vehicle. It requires some nominal basic tending retain its quality. If neglected, the cable might degrade, eventually resulting in a cable fault. 

As with many technical issues, cable faults occur at the most inconvenient of times. An interruption to the charging of your EV is not just an annoyance but could also have significant financial implications and create travel issues.  

Some companies charge clients over £800 for a replacement cable.  You can buy an aftermarket charging cable but there is no guarantee of quality nor compatibility. A replacement cable could cost you upwards of £150. 

Instead of worrying, let’s focus on how to take care of your cable. 

Understanding the EV Charging Cable 

Most charging stations have cables and you connect it to your vehicle. Nevertheless, there are times when you need to use your own cable. If you are charging in your own garage at home or find one of the rare public charging stations that require you to use your own cable. 

There are several different types of EV charging cables with a range of power ratings and connectors. Different types of charging cable work with different type of vehicles. You should check your owner’s manual, so you know what type you need. 

Common Problems with Cables 

A defective electrical cable could cause significant disruption to charging and might even damage the electric vehicle. Preventing and resolving such problems at the earliest is extremely crucial. Left unchecked, the least you are going to have to deal with is a replacement cable.  

Frequent Wear and Tear Issues 

There are several reasons why a charging cable fault might occur. It could be a natural problem, manufacturing defect, or some untimely issues caused by mismanagement. 

Natural Factors

As cables are used and age, they experience wear and tear just like everything else. This can cause degradation of the cable sheath. The cable might begin to overheat. Electrical overloading could occur in extreme cases. The best thing to do is take good care of the cable from the beginning. 

Manufacturing Defects

Sometimes, customers receive bad cables. These can be spotted almost immediately because they will not charge a car. However, problems may develop later that turn out to be faulty construction. This is especially true with the connectors and seals. Proper care during the lifetime of a cable will help you if you ever need to return one to the manufacturer. 


People can make mistakes. Cables can be left outdoors where the sun, wind, and rain can get to them. UV exposure is damaging to the flexible exterior of most cables. Water ingress to the sheathing and insulation is another possibility. 

Rodents have been known to attack cables. Even worse, there are opportunistic thieves who will steal your cable to resell it on some website. 

Ways to Protect the EV Charging Cable

EV Charging Cables are hard to break but can get damaged if not given the required care.  Learning to protect them from getting damaged could be a priority due to the cost and inconvenience. 

Here are some inexpensive and easy ways to keep the EV Cable tidy and safe for a lifetime: 

Floor Cable Protector: Protect cables and prevent accidents caused by trailing cables with a floor cable protector. The Linkable Floor Cable Protector is easy to install and is a cost effective cable safety solution. It is fire and shock retardant plus highly durable. 

Cable holderType 2 EV Cable Holdster with Hook and Wall Mount for Connector and Cable is the best way to prevent the cable from getting tangled. No more worrying about tripping over it.  

Storage clips: No more coils of charging cable unraveling in the dirt and mud by your feet. Easily fix your cable into the plastic clip and keep it tidy and coiled in the boot of your car. The clip has been designed to fit ~5m length cable wound round 6 timesClips have been bought to work on a wide range of car charging cables from Renault Zoe to BMW i3, Tesla, Nissan Leaf, Hyundai Iconiq etc. Find your perfect size of Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Cable Storage Clip. 

Carrier Case: Keeping a handy Carrier Case in the boot of your EV is another option to keep the charging cable safe. It will protect the cable from dust and accidental falls. Your tangle-free cable will be ready for the next charge, making it easy to quickly charge your EV. 

Theft can be another cause of worry for EV owners. Use a padlock and secure the cable to the entry of the charge port on your electric vehicle.  There is usually a small metal ring where you can connect the EV cable to the charge port. Buy a relatively cheap Padlock so that you can attempt to protect your cable when you’re using it at a charging station. 

 Protecting your charging cable is important due to its cost maintenance of your EV. Negligence can cost be expensive! The products we’ve shown you are quite reasonable and will safeguard your EV Charging Cable. So, just as you love your EV, its accessories need your attention, too. Give them some love and you’ll be worry-free for many journeys to come. 


  • Debbie Gillespie

    Debbie's journey in the EV (Electric Vehicle) industry spans over an impressive seven-year stretch, during which she has consistently demonstrated her passion and commitment to the fusion of cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly practices. What sets Debbie apart is not just her vast experience, but also her insatiable curiosity about the developments and innovations in the sector. Her dedication ensures she is invariably informed about the newest models, breakthroughs, and industry insights. Colleagues and peers often turn to her for guidance, valuing her comprehensive knowledge and objective perspective. Her enthusiasm for sustainability combined with her technical expertise makes her an invaluable asset in the EV landscape. Over the years, Debbie has attended numerous conferences, workshops, and seminars, further solidifying her status as a leading figure in the domain. Whether it's a discussion about the latest battery technology or debates on infrastructure challenges, Debbie is at the forefront, driving change and championing sustainability.

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