Best Electric Car Portable Chargers 2023

A portable electric car charger will allow you to charge your electric vehicle, at any time and any place. They are ideal for BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) owners who’ve already bought an EV and found the range is not long enough to cover their journey or those who are interested in swapping to a green machine but are put off by the fear of running out of charge. 

No matter why you need one, there is a portable charging solution on the market for you. In this blog, we review the best portable AEV (All-Electric Vehicle) chargers on the market available for you to purchase – allowing you to choose the model that suits you best.

SparkCharge – Portable Charging Unit for Electric Vehicles


SparkCharge - Portable Charging Station for Electric Vehicles
SparkCharge – Portable Charging Station for Electric Vehicles

The SparkCharge was one of the first portable BEV rechargers on the market and splits into two pieces:

  • The top half is the charger that can charge a BEV at speeds up to 20kw
  • The bottom half of the SparkCharge is the battery pack and it connects into one seamless portable recharging component for EVs

The cool part about this product is it can be used like Lego blocks, to connect multiple batteries to provide a longer charge for your vehicle. You can add up to 5 different modules, each adding 10-15 miles of charge, meaning the total range is a pretty impressive 75 miles – eliminating the need to get towed if stuck on the side of the road.

The SparkCharge Portable Charger can be charged in a number of ways, but the most energy-efficient way this device can be charged is via solar power. In effect, this means that you could charge your BEV for free!

It is also a small and lightweight device that can fit into the boot of your car – meaning you have plenty of space for portable EV chargers, a charging cable, and your luggage on a long-distance commute. 


  • 1 mile every 60 seconds
  • Extremely portable
  • Allows 70-75 miles of charge


  • Expensive – The smallest model is £7, 000
  • Not available to the domestic market

EV Rescue Portable Electric Vehicle Charging System

EV Rescue Portable Electric Vehicle charging system
EV Rescue Portable Electric Vehicle charging system

This mobile BEV recharging model has been brought to the market with the goal of eliminating the risk of breakdowns in electric cars that don’t have enough range to reach their destination.

Crafted by the British company, Charging Solutions, the Shropshire brand released the UK’s first 100% portable device that doesn’t need to be loaded onto a trailer.

The unit is a non-tethered recharging station allowing drivers to recharge cars using a Type 1 and Type 2 charging cable. It can charge an electric vehicle at the rate of 1 mile per 3 minutes, so slightly slower than the SparkCharge, but can effectively replace the need for breakdown assistance.  

The AEV rescue option can charge at 2 speeds depending on which grid the cable is connected to. In total the battery will charge up to 15 miles, giving you sufficient charge to reach the nearest public charging station.


  • Get up to 15 miles of charge
  • Both Type 1 and Type 2 electric cars can be charged
  • Economical solution for recovery vehicles
  • The display shows the model’s power level


  • Even though the unit is portable, it is still quite large and wouldn’t fit into a standard car
  • Slower charge speeds
  • Product targets the commercial market versus the domestic

CubiCharge Portable EV Charger

EV CubiCharge Portable EV Charger
EV CubiCharge Portable EV Charger

Rolec has released a portable BEV recharger specifically targeting electric car owners.

This portable vehicle charging element can be used for both temporary recharging and during emergencies. Perfect if you are travelling a long distance, if you are unable to charge at night, or even if a recharging point is just a little too far away.

The CubiCharge power bank is available in a 1-way, 2-way, or 3-way unit allowing you to charge up to three vehicles at once. It is ideal for use around car showrooms, events, emergencies, or pretty much anywhere you can benefit from a portable charger.


  • Easy to transport and set up
  • Cost-effective compared to competitors
  • 3-Phase model is available


  • No smart charging app
  • Doesn’t mention the range it offers

Does everyone need a portable EV charger?

Portable electric vehicle chargers are a relatively new arrival on the BEV scene, and they could make all the difference for drivers suffering from range anxiety. Able to be utilised by the majority of vehicles that need Type 1 or Type 2 charging cables – what’s to stop a driver carrying one in the boot?

Initially, models can be very expensive, and carrying them day by day will add weight to a vehicle – never a good thing. This means that while their application to the domestic market may be narrowed, people who drive very long distances as part of their work may find it useful to carry one as a stopgap.

If mileage is a concern, domestic drivers should ensure a regular charge regime is adopted to ensure the vehicle is at maximum charge whenever possible – something that can be easier to facilitate with a home recharging station and a smartphone app that identifies where public charging points are. Then, simply by keeping an eye on consumption just as you would a petrol gauge, there should be no reason to worry about range.

The good news is that motoring and breakdown organisations are beginning to equip their service vehicles with portable electric vehicle chargers that connect to the popular BEV cables – usually Type 2 charging cables. That way, in extremis, a driver knows that their provider can come out to deliver a power boost at the roadside much as they would with a jerrycan for a petrol or diesel car, to get the stranded motorist on their way again. 

Similarly, it seems likely that as BEV usage grows, garages, dealerships, and hire car providers will add portable electric chargers to their service vehicles – making them a vital part of on-board fleet equipment to ensure their vehicles can get to a regular recharging point or back to base.

EV Cable Shop can help you recharge

While it isn’t always possible to fully charge your vehicle, using a power bank such as those explored above during peak times can make your cost per charge lower and keep you on the move, even without charger access.

For help keeping the wheels turning, whether you are out on business or pleasure, shop by model or reach out today for further advice – you can call us on 01744 886 305 or fill in our contact form and we’ll get back to you shortly.


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