Can you plug an electric car into a regular outlet?

More and more automakers are manufacturing and selling electric cars but for EVs public charging stations aren’t as readily available as regular petrol/gasoline stations are. This makes the consumers curious and they question whether there’s another convenient way to charge the electric vehicles and whether they can charge them through a regular outlet at home or residential building.

And the answer is Yes. All the electric and hybrid cars that are manufactured and available nowadays in the market can be charged through a standard 110-volt outlet, with the correct EV  Cable from EV Cable Shop. All of these cars are equipped with a charging unit, and if you have proper charging cord, you can fearlessly plug it in an ordinary three-prong, a 110-volt outlet in your home or office building.

Charging through the standard domestic outlet is extremely easy; all you have to do is to plug in your EV in your own garage or carport and let it energise. However, charging through a regular 110-volt outlet will take a long time, as long as 20-hours, to get a 100% battery. This is considered as Level 1 charging and is convenient for people who charge their vehicles overnight; they just have to plug in the car before going to bed, and in the morning their car will be fully charged.

Size of the battery largely determines the time an EV will take to get fully charged through a 110-volt outlet. For instance, Chevrolet Volt will take 10 – 16 hours to get a 100% battery, while Nissan Leaf will take slightly more time because of its larger battery. A higher-voltage outlet will significantly reduce the charging time of the electric vehicle. Manufacturers of commercial EVs like Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt provide home charging stations along with the vehicles, which can be easily installed in the garage and are designed to charge battery much faster than regular outlets.

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However, it’s not essential to charge these cars only through charging stations; charging them through the regular outlet is as safe as through charging stations. The only difference between the two is that charging stations let you charge your EVs and PHEVs quickly as compared to a standard outlet. Several rapid charging stations are capable to fully charge your EV’s battery in less than 2-hours.

It is still recommended to consult an electrician before using a domestic outlet for charging your vehicle because in case the charging outlet and kitchen/laundry room will be patched into the same circuit, it may end up tripping the breaker switch because of the additional amperage. The electrician will help you by establishing a separate circuit that’ll be dedicated entirely for the EV charging cable and ensure uninterrupted current supply to the vehicle.


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