5 Electric Cars With The Longest Range

We all know that Tesla cars are at the forefront of the electric revolution thanks largely to the work done on battery technology by their eccentric leader Elon Musk. Nobody has done more to further the cause of electric cars than him. At first, the buying public were sceptical to say the least, about the potential range of these otherwise good motors; not so now.

For some time, Tesla were boasting about the range benefits of their cars; go further, they said. Well, the lead this brand had over the opposition has shrunk to the point where all car makers properly invested in EV’s have got vehicles out or coming shortly that put the range issue to bed, once and for all, for all but the longest journey: And, honestly, how often do most of us do that? With the right ev charging cable and even a home wall charger, electric motoring is here to stay.

So let’s leave Tesla out of the picture for now and take a look at what’s new and capable in the EV world.

The Audi e-tron

Audi etron Charging Cable
Audi e-Tron Charging Cable

The brand with the four rings has launched its electric car offensive with the brilliant Audi e-tron. It’s fair to say that this SUV is not cheap, even with the government subsidy, but the lucky buyers get a whole lot of luxury for the money including a travel range which the company estimate to be up to 248 miles. This is dependent, of course, upon how it is driven but with our average daily car use being about thirty miles, it’s fair to say that this fine car has got it covered.

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The Honda e

Honda e Charging Cable
Honda e Charging Cable

Car makers love to use lower case letters for their electric products don’t  they? Honda is no exception. The e from the reliable Japanese brand Honda can’t match the e-tron or Jaguar’s i-Pace SUV (234 miles) for range but it is not designed to. This is an urban car; just the thing for nipping around the city streets. The Honda e promises a range of up to 136 miles. The 36kWh battery pack is stowed under the floor and can be topped up to 80% capacity in 30 minutes using a rapid charger. Cute eh?

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Volkswagen ID.3

Volkswagen ID.3 Charging Cable
Volkswagen ID.3 Charging Cable

Summer 2020 sees the arrival of the VW ID.3 EV. With a mid-size 58kWh 250 mile battery, this smart four-door hatchback will have another version with a smaller 45kWh battery offering 205 miles and, in due course, a whopping 77kWh model offering 342 miles! It is said that nobody in this country is ever more than seventy miles from a coast which means there’s a day out possible in this car with charge to spare. The ID.3 has been built as an electric car from the start, meaning that the architecture has been designed to accommodate the battery pack while leaving generous space for passengers. It’s good-looking too.

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Kia e-Niro

Kia e-Niro Charging Cable
Kia e-Niro Charging Cable

With a real-world range of plenty more than 200 miles between charges (and officially more still), a reasonable price, a charging cable and a seven-year warranty, Kia’s e-Niro has attracted a lot of attention thanks to its smart crossover-style looks with motoring journalists commenting on the car’s drive-ability. The adaptive brake energy recovery system is a well-resolved setup, too. There are paddles behind the steering wheel like a conventional automatic car, but instead of changing gears they adjust how much the car slows down when you lift off the accelerator, and as a consequence how much energy the car can recuperate while slowing down. Forward thinking.

You can buy a Kia e-Niro Charging Cable here.

Mercedes-Benz EQA

Mercedes-Benz EQA Charging Cable
Mercedes-Benz EQA Charging Cable

Showing currently in concept form, although the real thing won’t be much different, the EQA is a futuristic EV from the German brand that is expected to cost around £40k. We hear that the final version will be a five-door hatchback, similar in size to the Mercedes A-Class. The production car may use a four-wheel drive system, powered by two electric motors, fore and aft, delivering power for improved grip and acceleration. A range of at least 250 miles is expected.

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That’s just five from the enormous range of EV’s currently or soon to be available. This clean, green form of motoring has grown up and the cars are all offered with crisp modern design. Buying an EV is no longer the worry it once might have been. There’s an ample supply of charging cables and accessories and of course battery packs are already proven to have long life. Is your next car here?


  • Debbie Gillespie

    Debbie's journey in the EV (Electric Vehicle) industry spans over an impressive seven-year stretch, during which she has consistently demonstrated her passion and commitment to the fusion of cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly practices. What sets Debbie apart is not just her vast experience, but also her insatiable curiosity about the developments and innovations in the sector. Her dedication ensures she is invariably informed about the newest models, breakthroughs, and industry insights. Colleagues and peers often turn to her for guidance, valuing her comprehensive knowledge and objective perspective. Her enthusiasm for sustainability combined with her technical expertise makes her an invaluable asset in the EV landscape. Over the years, Debbie has attended numerous conferences, workshops, and seminars, further solidifying her status as a leading figure in the domain. Whether it's a discussion about the latest battery technology or debates on infrastructure challenges, Debbie is at the forefront, driving change and championing sustainability.

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