How You Can Charge Your Electric Vehicle for Free
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How You Can Charge Your Electric Vehicle for Free

Electric vehicles are definitely awesome. They’re futuristic, they have a lot of the nifty and essential features that you need in a state of the art vehicle, and their adoption means that you will most likely never have to visit a service station ever again.

However, while it is definitely tempting for you to think of never having to shell out money for fuel again, there is still a sting in the tail that comes with EVs.

That’s your electricity bill.

Although the  cost of electricity that you incur from using an electric vehicle might be slower than what you pay for fuel on a daily basis, keep in mind that electricity bus aren’t paid on a daily basis. By the time you get your bill a few months later, you’ll be shocked at how much you’ve actually spent on powering your vehicle up.

So what if you could go somewhere that you’ll be offered free charging? Well, a lot of electric vehicle manufacturers actually provide this opportunity.

There are actually quite a lot of electric vehicle manufacturers that offer free charging at their commercial charging stations. Seen as a means of rewarding their customers and appreciating them for their patronage, these manufacturers set up charging stations where vehicle owners can just as well pull up, plug their vehicles in and enjoy some fee-free charging provide they brought their ev charging cable.

However, that isn’t to say that every charging station that you see actually provides free charging. Some do, some don’t.

Also, a lot of these vehicle manufacturers provide free vehicle charging for only their customers. Essentially, this means that you can go to a Tesla charging station with a BMW i3 and expect to charge your vehicle for free.

It probably won’t happen.

You can also find some free vehicle charging spots a public places like shopping centres, offices, bars, car parks and much more. The owners of these establishments understand that electric vehicles are getting more adoption and use by the general public and they install these charging stations as a way of helping some of their EV-using customers.

Although the truth is that most of these free charging stations are located in places where you might not particularly want to be seen spending too much time just whiling away the time (actually, a move by the owners of these stations to prevent people from staying there for too long), it is definitely a price you’ll have to pay for fee-free electric vehicle charging.

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