Electric cars of the future
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Electric cars of the future

There is no doubt that electric cars are going to be big news in the future. According to figures from the International Agency, the global total of just over 3 million electric cars on the roads should grow to 125 million by 2030.

Of course, this is going to be beneficial for the planet, as well as to the drivers who reduce their fuel costs while helping the planet. So, what can we expect from the electric cars of the future?

The Technology

What changes are we likely to see in the next few years? One example that is often talked about is the introduction of driver-less vehicles. This could tie in nicely with electric cars, with many industry analysts believing the majority of autonomous cars are probably going to be electric.

Another possible change is with cheaper, longer-lasting batteries that massively boost the range of these cars. Scientists at the University of Glasgow are among those working on refillable batteries that could provide the perfect solution.

What Models Can We Expect to See?

The fact that so many big car manufacturers are working on new electric models is a sign of the high levels of confidence in the industry. Among the models we can see expect to see among the electric cars of the future are the Aston Martin Lagonda, BMW iX3 and Ford Mach 1.

With a far greater selection to choose from, drivers will be spoilt for choice. This increased level of competition should also ensure that prices remain as low as possible.

The future of electric vehicles looks extremely exciting, thanks to the combination of cutting-edge technology and attractive models. It is easy to see why there are such high hopes for these vehicles as a type of transport that becomes ever more popular.

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