When it comes to the public facilities of EV charging stations, a service station provides a precise place for travellers to charge their electric vehicles while they rest, eat or shop to take some time off from driving. In addition, it provides a good means to promote other businesses located by the EV charging stations. A person, who pulls over to charge his /her EV fully, wouldn’t mind a visit to the shops.

Installation of EV Charging Station for Service Stations

Within the framework for the installation of EV charging station for service stations, it is important to factor in the influx of electric vehicles per day, together with the types of EV charging stations they support to ensure good compatibility. In addition, the amount of time the travelers usually spend at the service stations would aid in knowing the speed of the EV charging station that would be required. The numbers and the allocation of space for EV charging stations should also be considered.

Type 1 charging station would not be a good option in this case as the frequency of electric vehicles here would be higher than that in the workplace or home. In addition, the users won’t be expected to stay here long to wait for eight hours of full charging. That leaves us with the options of Type 2 and DC fast charging stations. A DC fast charging station although the most expensive of the three, could prevent the charging congestion expected from Type 2 charging stations.

Moreover, it would be bad for side-businesses in operation by enabling the shorter stay of the travelers at the service stations. As for the servicing and maintenance of EV charging station, the DC fast charging station is the most demanding of the three due to its complex system that incorporates cooling system, filters and other components that are not found in Type 1 and Type 2 EV charging stations.

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