The Installation of EV charging station for shopping stores conveys a good message by fostering a culture of sustainability; hence, getting more and more people to turn to electric vehicles. In addition to this, there are plenty of benefits of installing EV charging stations at the shopping sites. Firstly, it adds to the satisfaction of customers by providing them with a convenient means to charge their electric vehicles while they shop in the stores.

It serves as a good way to attract EV drivers to the shopping stores and usually makes them spend time shopping longer than they would without their EVs connected to the charging stations. Moreover, it could bring the shopping store in the spotlight of media, enabling better publicity among people.

When it comes to choosing a suitable type of EV Charging station, a lot of shopping stores facilitate their customers with open parking spaces. In this case, a solar panel could be a considerable option for powering the charging equipment, instead of taking the electricity from grids. Not only would it be cost-effective in the long run, it could also allow the retailers to sell extra electricity to the utility. It would also be able to save some serious money if used for relaying power during peak times, instead of utilizing it throughout the day.

Special emphasis should be made to the installation of solar panel, in particular, height to attract maximum sunlight and climate conditions in the area of installation. In addition, it is encouraged to use heavy batteries so that maximum electricity could be stored. That being said, the major downside of the installation of a solar-powered EV charging station is its higher up-front cost.

Besides, due to the addition of a solar panel, the frequency and cost of the servicing and maintenance of EV charging station are naturally increased. Regardless everything, if the shopping store implements very reasonable pricing on charging the EVs from their charging points and the store has a huge turnout of EVs every day, the cost of purchasing and installing the EV charging stations would be recovered in no time. Another important factor to address while installing EV charging stations in shopping sites is the allocation of internal-combustion engine vehicles in the parking space designated for EV vehicles.

If we shed some light on Type 1 EV charging stations, they take around 8 hours to fully charge an electric vehicle. However, shoppers typically spend 2-3 hours inside the shopping malls and supermarkets and less than that in small retail stores. Therefore, ruling out the possibility of the installation of Type 1 EV charging station in shopping sites would leave you with Type 2 and DC fast charging stations.

Type 2, the most common choice in Europe, is significantly faster than Type 1 but slower than DC fast charging stations. DC fast charging stations have the ability to charge the EVs by 80 percent in just 30 minutes; though, they are the most demanding of the three when it is about the service and maintenance of charging stations.

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