Installing an EV Charging station in your office serves as a good gesture for the satisfaction of your employees—the happier the employ, the better would be the productivity. When it is about choosing a suitable type of EV Charging station for offices, firstly, it is a good idea to conduct a survey on the numbers and types of electric vehicles in use by the office employees. This would help in the Installation of EV charging station by retrieving their need in numbers, and their types to ensure good compatibility with the kinds of EV used by the office employees.

Installing a EV Charging Station in the Workplace

A good option for offices is a Type 1 EV charging station. This type of EV charging station draws a maximum power of 3kW on an average and takes around 8 hours to charge an electric vehicle fully. Though 8 hours sound too much, it would be an efficient way to make the best of time the vehicles would be sitting idle in the parking lot when the employees would be busy in the office.

However, if the employees require frequent traveling during the working hours, faster options would be a Type 2 EV charging station, or DC fast charging station—at the expense of drawing more power and more up-front cost. Several countries offer grants and schemes to encourage offices on installing EV charging stations for their employees; therefore, it would be best to keep such offers under the watchful eye as they could save some significant amount of money.

When it comes to servicing and maintenance of ev home charging stations, a Type 1 would require changing its electrical outlet occasionally. A Type 2 EV charging station, being more modular in design, would enable replacing its individual parts instead of the whole unit. On the other hand, a DC fast charging station generally requires more maintenance than the other two.

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