What could be the best way to keep yourself from the hassle of finding and taking your electric vehicle to a charging station? The answer to this lies in utilizing the time when your electric vehicle sits in a car park. Car parks could be of various types, so the application of an electric vehicle charging station could differ according to the scenario it is incorporated in.

Installation of EV Charging Station for Public Car Parks

When the installation of EV charging station is planned for car parks, it is important to consider a number of factors to yield efficiency in the output. For instance, an estimate about the size of the area for the allocation of EV charging stations has to be known based on the current and future prospects; whether or not the charging station is free of cost.

Furthermore, if the car park space is contracted to someone, it would be vital to keep track of the electricity used by customers and sending them their bills. In this case, a smart EV charging station could come in handy. This would be able to keep a record of the time a person would take to charge, together with the amount and other details. These details would be relayed to the retailer, hence enabling safe recordkeeping. However, the setback of installing a smart system would be the added burden on servicing and maintenance of EV charging station.

When choosing a suitable type of EV charging station for a car park, the first thing to know is whether the charging station would be solar-powered or powered by electricity from the local grid. In spite of being expensive to set up initially, it is a cheaper option in the long run. Other than that, the amount of time the users would spend in the car parks charging their EVs, together with an idea of the influx of electric vehicles, would help to select the EV charging station based on its speed.

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