Best Electric Cars Available on Motability 2021
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Best Electric Cars Available on Motability 2021

Motability customers, just like everybody else, are seeing electric car options grow year in, year out. With government plans to ban the sale of internal combustion engines, manufacturers the world over are responding by focusing on electric vehicle development. Hence the sharp increase in the number of electric vehicle options on the market. Below we take a brief look at some of the electric motability cars available to people using the Motability scheme.

Citroen e-C4

The Citroen e-C4 is the all-electric version of the all-new Citroen C4. This good-looking small SUV is not a large car but still offers reasonable boot capacity and makes a good option if you’re looking for a small family car. It also comes with useful features like ventilation and heating that can be controlled directly from the infotainment touchscreen.

The e-C4 has a 59kWh battery that is located beneath the floor. The motor gives it 134bhp and it has good acceleration, reaching 62mph from zero in 9 seconds. It also has a gentle ride with steering that is light, which will not be a plus point for a lot of people even though some may prefer it that way. The e-C4 has an official range of 217 miles on a single charge, but the real figure is likely to be lower.

Best Electric Cars Available on Motability 2021
Best Electric Cars Available on Motability 2021


The SEAT Mii is a compact car that comes with 5 doors. It can be difficult to distinguish between the Skoda Citigo and the Volkswagen Up and its small size makes it an ideal city car.

The SEAT Mii comes with 3 equipment packages.  The entry-level version offers a variety of features that include a USB port, hill hold assist, speed-sensitive power steering, and air conditioning. One feature that should be considered is the City Safety Assist function, which automatically stops the car if the sensors detect a collision is about to take place.

Although an ideal city car, the SEAT Mii electric version is also comfortable on motorways, thanks largely to its heavy engine and batteries. Its motor produces 82bhp which produces a top speed of 81mph and takes the car from 0-31mph in 3.9 seconds. Its range of 161 miles on a single charge might not be enough for a lot of people but is probably just fine for most people looking for a city run around.


The MG HS PHEV is a sporty-looking plug-in hybrid. As you would expect from an SUV, this car offers plenty of space and a comfortable ride with a raised driving position.

The basic version offers leather-style upholstery, heated adjustable front seats, keyless entry, a 360-degree camera, dual-zone climate control, and 18inch alloy wheels. Other versions offer ambient lighting, LED headlights, leather seats, an electric boot, and a panoramic roof. Other features include traffic jam assist, blind-spot detection, collision warnings, auto emergency braking, and adaptive cruise control.

This car’s 121bhp motor combined with its 1.5-litre petrol engine takes it from 0-62 in 7.5 seconds with a top speed of 118mph. Its 16.6kWh battery pack gives it a range of around 32 miles when in electric-only mode. Overall, it makes for a practical family SUV that is also good to drive.

Best Electric Cars Available on Motability 2021
Best Electric Cars Available on Motability 2021

Vauxhall Mokka-e

The Vauxhall Mokka-e is a small electric SUV, or compact crossover. It’s a good choice for people who want something practical that is also not too large.

This vehicle has an aggressive/sporty look to it and the aerodynamics have improved over the petrol-powered Mokka X. Electrification of the car has not significantly reduced storage space and it still has a boot capacity of 310 litres. The Vauxhall Mokka-e also has a digital dashboard with a built-in touchscreen but a lot of the features are not available with the basic version.

The Vauxhall Mokka-e has a 134bhp motor that can take the car up to 93 mph and from 0-62mph in 9.2 seconds. Its 50kWh battery gives the car a WLTP-certified range of 201 miles. Some people might want to look for something with more impressive performance but overall it’s a practical vehicle and an enjoyable drive, although

Dacia EV

The Spring Electric is the first production electric vehicle from Dacia. It is a small SUV that is ideal as a city run around or delivery vehicle. As is to be expected from Dacia, it is also one of the more affordable electric vehicles in its class.

The Spring Electric’s 300-litre boot capacity can be expanded to 600 litres when the back seats are folded down, which makes it easy to see how it can be used as a delivery vehicle. An infotainment system is optional.

This car’s motor provides a humble 44bhp which gives it a top speed of 62mph. Its 26.8kWh gives it a range of 140-miles but the reality is likely to be lower, emphasizing the car’s role as a city people or product delivery vehicle.

Best Electric Cars Available on Motability 2021
Best Electric Cars Available on Motability 2021

Fiat 500 Electric

The Fiat 500 electric is one of the more popular electric vehicles on the market. The new version is a little bulkier than previous versions but it still retains the classic Fiat small car shape, and still remains small enough for it to be a perfect city car.

The car is clearly well made with attention to detail and overall good quality of materials and workmanship. It comes available in four versions, including a soft-to version. It also has plenty of features like keyless ignition, auto emergency braking, traffic light recognition, and parking sensors, LED headlights, 17 in alloys, and a lot more.  Fiat also boats that the car can accelerate, brake, and even stay in the right lane autonomously.

The Fiat 500 Electric has a 70bhp motor that takes it from 0-62 in 9 seconds and gives it a top speed of 93mph. The ride can be a little bumpy but it is still very responsive making it a pleasure to drive. Its 42kWh gives it a range of 199 miles on a single charge.

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